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King of Solar Screens wasn't always America's No.1 Solar Screen Company that it is today.

20 years ago it was founded in my Mothers garage, south of Houston, Texas, with a souls purpose to reduce the exaggerated costs of screens, power bills, and also decreasing the size of the carbon footprint we leave behind.

Due to such costs the King of Solar Screens™ was created. A quality, effective, biodegradable, 100% American made screen at a price

everyone can afford.


We at King of Solar Screens have installed, built, or shipped over 1 million screens and have installed tens of thousands in and around Houston alone.

In almost two decades we have provided satisfied home owners with cool interiors, without stepping near the thermostat.

Reduced UV rays, without eliminating the suns natural light. Prevented glare from the shine outside, families haven't had to draw the curtains or drop the blinds to enjoy the TV.

We have increased the privacy from curbside viewers, windows could now be open in the cool evenings

with zero concern for light crazed critters entering their homes.

Neighborhood property values have increased by giving them an environmentally friendly, energy saving, clean, fresh and modern look.

We are a Family company, built with the intent to provide comfortable living for all families coast to coast.

Solar Screens is vastly becoming Americas most efficient way to increase value, not just on our homes, but on our overall day to day health. 

Our Sister Company, MyScreenKit, is quickly becoming the quickest and easiest way for you to get this amazing product delivered right to your front door. With the simple step by step video, you will have it ready for install in about 10 minutes. Best yet, we ship to all 50 States and typically the time is only 2-3 days.

From sun up to sun down, enjoy all of Gods beauty, from your home, without feeling the burn on your skin or your wallet, thanks to...


...The King of Solar Screens.

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