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The most Basic is Screen protection

Insect Screen is made or Fiberglass. Thankfully made in only 2 colors: charcoal and gray. This makes it easy to match your existing Screen or just have a new color for the fun of it.

Standard 3/4" Aluminum Frame

Although our favorite way to build your Screen is with a miter corner, thus hiding the aluminum corner bracket. However, we offer it as well with the straight cut, exterior corner. The exterior corner is plastic but is the same color as the Frame you need

The Extra's

We never charge extra for the extras here. We build each Insect Screen the exact way the original manufacturer did. Pull Tabs, Tension Springs, Ram Horns, Plunger Bolts, never an extra cost for these needs. On a side note, we didn't come up with those crazy names for the parts, someone years ago was just showing off or something.

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