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So here we are America, first week of February, temps are getting better, sun is shinning longer, birds are starting to sing the praises of Spring...

In 2004, we came into this Industry for one reason: It cost to much! What do I mean, well I needed to replace some Insect Screens on a Rental I had back in '04. I was floored and even felt ill when I was quoted $60ea! $60ea! FOR A BUG SCREEN!! I felt this was way, way to, I researched and studied the Industry with all info I could find at that time. So We started a Business and 20yrs later, we are still doing what we wanted to do...make this Industry affordable.

We constantly seek out our Suppliers for the very best prices we can get. Always true to our commitment of "Made in America" first materials. We work with them several times a year to make sure we can always be the greatest priced, quickest turnaround, and the best quality in the Country.

Lets be frank about Solar Screens: some find them ugly, I understand that. We all have a point of view and we respect that and encourage that honesty to be said. Without a doubt, most find them beautiful and after all the benefits that come with them, I say they are even sexy! Imagine if you will a Screen, just a simple piece of material that hangs over your window that has some amazing results.

*No more Bugs- the most simple reason we have them, open those windows without the bugs coming in and ruining dinner

*No more Heat- the best benefit of all. The sun's heat is blocked from coming in, leaving your interior much easier to cool, or heat. You can still enjoy that fresh sun light through the windows, the light in your home.

*No more UV Rays- this is a great one! No more fading furniture, flooring, curtains, blinds, etc. An amazing benefit for sure.

*Reduced Energy Needs- here in Texas we hear a lot about the "Grid" and how it gets stressed out. Well #solarscreens do there part to help reduce an average of 20% of your current use. This Screen is perfect for any window, any where in America. Imagine following up with Solar Panels...saying goodbye to the Grid forever. I sure think that sounds good! We are setting ourselves up to do just that this Summer. We are going Solar and very proud to use a Company that was actually honest, not trying to sell me a bill of goods (Way to many of those running around) but we will save that for a later update.

Consider the overwhelming benefits that a Solar Screen will give you! For your home, your pocketbook, your future. No matter who you buy them from, just insist that they are American made! We need to support Made in America Companies! Always

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