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First Time to Blog...So here it goes

So I get asked all the time. What material is best, 80% or 90%? I love this question for so many reasons. Se here goes...both will greatly reduce the Sun's heat and UV Rays, that's a given, why else would we need it, right? I personally love the 80%, this material allows the sunshine, not the heat, to flow easily through keeping my interior nice and bright. The 80% is also very great at allowing the breeze to flow easily, allowing me to enjoy a cool day or when I need to get the smell of dinner burning out of the House.

Now the 90%, this is a very tight weaved material. It will restrict the natural light by about half, so noticeably darker inside. The breeze does not flow easily, although adding a fan will help pull it through. The plus of this one is the darkness if you are a day sleeper, as this will help a lot. It helps reduce the sun's glare on the TV as well.

No matter what one you choose, you will be happy with what the benefits are, especially the energy reduction it brings.

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