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How We Do It For Less

We get asked a lot How we sell these #SolarScreens for so much less than any other in the Country...well this is our secret:

Buy Right- As a direct Distributer, we eliminate the "Middle Man" and save an average of 30% in cost! That is huge!

Sell Right- We sell an average of 100 Screens daily in the off season, an average of 200 daily in the Summer months. Volume alone makes sure we keep everybody busy in the Warehouse and of course on the Road doing measure/installs.

Why Pay More- Great question, why would you pay double the price for the exact same Product? Doesn't make sense does it?? The same exact Made in America material, Aluminum Frame, same Warranty, same everything!!

Why We Charge So Little- Let's face it, if it isn't affordable it does nothing for no one as it is to expensive to we ask, why not make it as affordable as possible? That is why we sell them only $55ea any size, shape, or color w/ the popular 80% material. The 80% is perfect for those who want to say goodbye to the Sun's Heat and UV Rays but want to keep the Natural Light!

Want it Darker? Ask for the 90% Solar Screen, this tight weave material will stop about half the natural light, and yes that will be noticeably darker inside. These are just $60ea

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