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Removing Doubt

Do Solar Screens really work?? Absolutely, 100%, Guaranteed!!!! With the National Average cost at over $200ea, I am so glad that we are a Direct Distributor and Manufacturer of the greatest materials in our Country.

Solar Screens never ask for a day off, never need a vacation. Battery changes? Not needed...Oil changes? Nope... Rotate or Balance? Not that either...

Seriously the only maintenance that I would say is required...rinse with soap and water at least once a year. Use the Kitchen broom alo g the fabric to help get rid of pollen or spider webs...and now that Kitchen broom is clean and ready to sweep the floor again, win win...

I have truly lived being in this Industry now for over 20 years, having this great product that works is a testimony by itself.

Last month, we sweetened the deal by giving you, our Customers, free Solar Screens if you went Solar and said goodbye to the grid. We will continue to offer that all year long.

What you needd to do:

1st) gather your latest electric bill

2nd) email or text me a picture of it

3rd) the folks from Reach will reach out and give you a true, honest answer of cost, etc..

4th) as soon as you are under contract with them, I am on my way to give you 10 Solar Screens for free! As a thank you!!

If you already have Screens and go Solar, same deal, I will refund you the cost of 10, no question asked!! Bit I'm making it even sweeter, I don't care who you bought those Screens from, I'll still refu d you 10 of them for going Green...going Solar!

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