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Change of Price?

When we first entered this Industry, we knew we wanted to be different. So that's what we did! Some of the most basic things we did to be different:

Price! We set a price not one Company anywhere in the Country would be willing to meet or beat.

Time! Unlike most Service Companies, we wanted to be the one who was always on time for the appointment, fast guaranteed turnaround for the install.

Quality! Always Quality over Profit..period! We use only American made materials, warranty time that really shows the quality of the materials.

But after 9 yrs and over 10's of thousands sold, we may need to adjust our prices. Cost of everything is making it tough on the bottom line. We have proudly sold the most common Screen, a.k.a. 80% Solar, at the most amazing price anywhere at just $55ea! The 90% Solar at just $65ea. While we see some are selling at $65 or $70, most are definitely selling in the $100's+

Want to help us keep the price down? Post on every Social Media site you use the following:

"The King has kept the price so low, making it affordable for all, energy bills are falling, and Homes are feeling the benefits. So let's keep the $55ea price for another year or so" Attention Twitchell Fabrics and ScreenCo Aluminum Roolformers.

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