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Going Green?

With the cost of energy skyrocketing we all start looking to cut and save in all the places we can. Sometimes it is our food budget that takes the hit, other times we just turn off the Heat/AC and fight through it. So lets talk Solar Energy and why I'm in love with it and why you should be as well.

First off Solar Panels, not real attractive on the roof, but hey it means zero to a very small energy bill. But lets make sure we understand thoroughly what it means to go Solar. Most Companies WON'T tell you, or at least try there best not to tell you, that when the grid goes down, so do you! Wait, what? That's true, when the grid goes down you also are in the dark. So without a doubt, purchase a battery backup such as the Tesla Home Battery! This will keep you up and running if/when the grid is down because of storms, maintenance, etc.

We are installing Solar this year on our Home. The "Industry" says I need 30 panels to off-set my need for the Energy on the grid. But we are going to make it 40 panels and we are adding at least to Tesla Batteries so we will(should) never be without power. Imagine never paying an Electric Bill again.....Imagine making enough energy that you sell it to TNMP or Centerpoint....and they pay you instead! This is why we are adding the extra so we can maybe make a few bucks back each month.

Take advantage of any tax breaks available, search ALL the Companies first as we know with any Industry a shady character is always out there.

We have aligned ourselves with 6 of these Companies who will all fight to win your Home! I like that part, best quality, best price gets the win lol...

And never forget, Solar Screens will reduce 20% or more of your energy needs. A true win win to have when you go Solar or if you just stay on the grid. SAVE MONEY and use it on your Family instead!!!

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