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Going Solar??

I hear almost daily the nightmares some Homeowners have faced over the years dealing with slippery, lying Salesman in the Solar Industry. Make all the promises you want but the truth is what we, the Homeowner, is after!

I love the idea of Solar Power....Imagine never loosing power when Hurricane SoAnSo comes in the area. Maybe just some bad storms has knocked a tree into the wires near your Home but you still get to enjoy your Netflix. Cool A/C...maybe the heat is on, you feel real good about saying goodbye to the grid forever!

After 1000's of hours researching different Solar Companies, we came to the bottom with only one name...Reach Solar. No misguided Salesman, No false claims from the Salesman, No bait-n-switch from the Salesman. We found that 100% honesty is how this Company sells and we found they sell for less! So, we teamed up with them to get all of Houston, heck all of Texas to consider turning off the grid and saying hello to Green Energy for life.

*What do you have to do: If you are interested in going Solar, text me a picture of your current Electric Bill. I will quickly send it to the top and you will be contacted by the Guys that will do you right!

*My gift to you: If you pull the trigger and take your name off the grid, I will personally buy your Solar Screens, up to 10, and install them for free as a thank you for going Green. If I have already made those windows cool, I will refund you, up to 10, as a gift for going Green! Nothing to loose except a Lifetime of Electric Bills!!

*On a side note: We had a Customer go Solar about 2 weeks ago and they asked if the Solar Screens where even needed now..I said Heck Yeah! Not only do they keep the Heat and UV rays out but they keep furniture from fading, take a huge strain off that AC Unit, this means less maintenance. Privacy! No bugs! Beautiful look! No fade! No mold! No rip or tears!

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