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King Franchise from Coast to Coast

When we came into the Industry in December 2004, we had a goal of becoming one of the most recognizable locally Owned Screen Company in Houston. We did just that, so our financial advisor suggested we start Franchising our Company around Texas and of course the Country. So in 2018 we put together a How to if you will to become a Franchise of ours. We set it up in 2 different ways:

First was a big investment from the potential Franchisee, $65,000 to be exact. What we did was buy you a brand new Chevy Cargo Van, have it wrapped with our registered, signature colors, so you would stand out amongst the rest. Outfit the inside with decks, ladders, the simple tools needed to start and finish each job. You are now ready to add an extra income or more likely do this full time.

Second was an easier option. $485 monthly fee that we used to help pay for National Advertising. Through Goggle, Bing, Yahoo and of course our National TV Spot that featured our good Friend and WWE Legend Booker T. This Commercial plays exclusively on the CW Network coast to coast.

We only required you use the same Quality Aluminum we use, Screen Co. We required you use Twitchell material. Best part of this is that it is American made and that is a big deal to us. We always keep plenty of stock for those Franchise locations that are close enough for us to deliver or be picked up. Shipping is always available as well.

If a new opportunity is what you want or need, consider the Window Screen Industry. Truly no reason you can't do $500,000 to $2,000,000 annually gross and with our small monthly charge that again is used for advertising, YOU win as a Franchise with no percentage payments etc.

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