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Solar Screens and Going Green

Does getting Solar Screens actually assist in the "Go Green Initiative"

Well we say yes it does. Imagine this simple material that covers your Windows reflecting the Sun's heat and harmful UV Rays from your Home. So we will notice a beautiful reduction in the Energy needed to Cool/Heat our Home. The average, according to the Big 3 Search Engines, is 28%. We like to preach 20% to be on the safe side. But lets get even deeper, we use Twitchell Brand Materials, one of the only Screen Companies that source 100% of its materials from America. Big Plus for those who love the American Made Brands. They have tons of data, if the Engineer in you can make heads or tails of it, but for us simple folks they tote the Green Eco Badge, The Lead Free Badge, Flame Resistant, RoHS Compliant, using materials naturally found here in America such as yarn or polyester core. The Greenguard Badge with the PVC coating puts the cherry on top. Lower your Carbon footprint when you add Solar Screens to your Home

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