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Sweet really does get the catch

We all live a very full life. Sometimes it is stressful, other times a walk in the park. But no matter what, always be good to People. You ever know what a person is going through and a negative look or word from you could push that person over the edge....As a Veteran, I see daily how many Soldiers, as an example, go through turmoil from the skeletons of the past. Some allow this to trouble them to the point that nobody wants to be near them. Others have let go of those demons of war and enjoy every precious moment they can get.

Yesterday I had a fella call needing 3 Screens, I was respectful as always and apologized that we can not do any less than 8 for a turnkey job. I offered him the chance to pickup the 3 at either of our locations..instead the fella got so mad that he actually threatened to kill me and my Employees..Wow! I told him to move on and hung up. A short time later the silly guy called and left a voicemail that let us all know we are

I quickly turned the recording and the mans name and number over to the Pearland PD and told them good luck with this one, he doesn't like the word NO.

Always...Please Always treat everyone with respect, love, patience. Would you talk to your Mother or Father like that? I sure wouldn't... I truly love what I do because I get to meet so many Houstonians who all live different lives, raised in different cultures, different ideas, etc. It actually is the best part of what I do, meeting all of you amazing people! Stay humble, Stay happy, Stay positive. The Bible says it is only a season..

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