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The One True Friend

When torment has crushed my heart and circumstances have effectively eliminated all hope, Jesus spreads sweet peace throughout my soul.

When I experience the rush of the cascading flood, Jesus assures me I will not be drowned.

He has been the forth man in my fire and has always kept me from the burning flame. When my faith threatens to falter, He has sent the comforting word, the anointed song, or the embrace of a friend.

Jesus stood at the front of my boat and with a single word has brought great calm to a threatening tempest.

When its darkest, He is my light. When I'm fearful, He is my comfort. When I'm downcast, He is my joy. When I'm a failure, He never falters. When I stumble, He makes a way. When I'm lonely, He is my companion. When in despair, He gives me hope. When I'm famished, Jesus sets the table. When I'm thirsty, He is living water.

He is my rock! He is my shelter! He is my fortress! He is my strong tower! If I find myself walking through the valley of the shadow of death, I won't be walking alone.

And when I close my eyes for the final time, I will see Him face to face. Oh, precious Jesus!

Taken from Bread Crumbs by Loren Larson. An amazing Preacher at Family Worship Center Baton Rouge. We have had the pleasure of meeting and knowing Loren, wife Hanna, and several of there Kids over the years and they are always such a blessing!

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