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The Guaranteed Truth

We receive 100's of emails and calls each week verifying what materials etc we use here at our Manufacturing Facility, well here is the list:

Aluminum Frame...1" thick is ALWAYS used for Solar Screen, when ordering online this is standard to any and all Solar Screens

Aluminum Frame ....3/4" thick is ALWAYS used for Insect Screen and Pet Screen. The Industry has, for the most part, used this size Frame since the beginning.

We proudly use ScreenCo Aluminum for all of our Aluminum needs. They are an American and Canadian Company with decades of quality service throughout the World.

Solar Screen....we really love Twitchell Brand. Twitchell is the only 100% Made in America material, to our knowledge, on the market today. Everything else is either sub made in other Countries or is all made in other Countries. Twitchell is so proud of the quality, that they are the only Screen Manufacturer to give a Limited Lifetime Warranty to all Residential Homeowners in America.

I am not a fan of others claiming we use sub-quality products, but I realize that if stretching the truth is how they do Business, well let them! Our Facility is always open for you to see for yourself what Quality ingredients we use and support.

One last thing: Speaking of Support, we proudly donate and support the GCVP. When it comes to Vets, as I am one, We will help anyway we can!

GCVP = Galveston County Veterans Program

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